Saturday, July 25, 2009

Homosexuality--It Is Different.

The editor of The Baptist Standard, the house organ of the Baptist General Convention of Texas recently blogged about homosexuality.

Let me say first that homosexuality certainly is sin in the same manner of other sins in that when it is confessed and repented of it is completely forgiven. The problem is the nature of the problem with homosexuality. Few who practice it seem to believe it is sin. We, who are Genuine Believers, should pity those caught up in homosexuality and offer God's loving Grace with grace to them.

I believe the reason most Christians treat it differently is that God seemed to treat it differently in Scripture. God so hates homosexuality that he almost wiped out the entire tribe of Benjamin because of it. It is a blatant attack upon God's established order. Throughout history those nations which have accommodated it were on their last legs, and fell soon after.

Certainly we should reach out to the homosexual just as we reach out to the prostitute and drug dealer. The problem with homosexuality is the unwillingness to accept homosexuality as a sin. Even this, the editor of the Baptist Standard, says he doesn't know if men are born such. Well, I unequivocally believe men and women are NOT born homosexuals. People have weaknesses in different areas of life. Some have a proclivity to laziness while others are bent toward selfishness. Still others are easily hooked on drugs, while others struggle with self confidence, or arrogance. The weaknesses within us seemed designed to make us aware of our need for a Saviour to keep us from becoming immersed in the natural tendencies we struggle with. I believe the same is true of homosexuality.

Accepting sin of any sort in life leads to facilitation of that sin, and eventually overall approval of it. I do not believe we should treat the homosexual any different than the prostitute, or drug addict; however, it is extremely difficult to separate the sin from the sinner in the case of homosexuality because the sinner seldom admits he is a sinner. He seldom accepts responsibility for his actions and seems to believe that his overwhelming desire is greater than the desire of those with other weakness, then his must be in keeping with God's order.