Friday, April 04, 2014


Satan’s attack on the people of God has taken many turns throughout history.  Beginning there in the garden shortly after creation, it continues even until this very hour.  The natural man does not see the hand of the prince of this world system at work in the Pharoahs’ genocidal harshness, or the Moabites desire to keep them from passing through their land.  The continual Philistine attacks and subjugation of God’s people is considered a natural progression of barbarism of those early days of civilization. 
Tiglath Pilesor IV and Sargon II are merely kingdom builders with highly advanced political and military skills in the eyes of anthropologists and historians.  Babylon’s unsurpassed cruelty, Persia’s military acumen, and Alexander the Great’s visionary boldness are viewed as progressions in the development of an evolving cultural awareness with absolutely no consideration of the possibility of a hand behind those great movements always moving with one though, to destroy the people of God through whom would come the promised Messiah whose heel would bruise the head of the prince of this world system.

Then as mighty Rome enveloped the civilized world, the Messiah was brought forth and Rome became the tool first to prevent His birth, then to wipe out the Jewish nation which birthed Him, and finally to discredit, discourage, and annihilate those who became joint heirs with Christ.   Unable to destroy the teachings of The Christ, this latest instrument of this world’s prince, developed a highly technical substitute for simple faith in Christ, which held a large portion of the world’s population in dark bondage for more than a millennium.  The twentieth century brought about a change in this Roman system and it moved from a quasi military system to a totally religious system, continuing to offer a substitute of religious activity for genuine faith based conversion.

The prince of this world system did not place all his hopes on victory in basket, he stirred the sons of Ishmael to develop a virulently anti Jewish faith whose primary purpose has always been the suppression of Jews, and since 1947 the extermination of them. 

Throughout Europe two competing systems, Communism and Nazism, have tried to destroy both the natural and spiritual Jews.   While Nazism was squashed, Communism continues to spread its poison through Asia and South America and seems to be making a comeback in Eastern Europe. 

The last six decades have seen a new and different attack upon the spiritual children of promise as the evil one has attacked them with the conscious numbing tactic of materialism.   Such an approach just might be the most insidious and effective tactic yet employed by the powers of darkness.  Both cultural and genuine Believers seem to have fallen under this pervasive spell even while seemingly unaware that it is robbing them of the discernment necessary to employ the power to live victoriously in this age.

That the prince of darkness operates behind translucent curtains design to obfuscate and misdirect is his greatest continuing victory.  Hitler’s evil genius is decried and bemoaned, but he had far too much influence to have drawn it from his own mind and energy.  His life epitomized one who had fallen under the spell of the prince of darkness without even realizing it.  

Today political leaders rise unaccountably to positions of prominence without experience or expertise due to their ability to influence the masses to follow them on their destructive and illogical policy paths.  These leaders are as closely aligned with the forces of evil as were those of the inquisition or the holocaust.  Yet cultural and genuine Believers are unwilling to risk the comfort of contemporary materialism to expose these people and warn the masses.

Reading the book, “The Auschwitz Escape,” has reminded me that evil triumphs when holiness is silent.   I pray God will raise up a band of people willing to risk everything in order to prevent another Auschwitz.  

©       2014               Mike Rasberry