Thursday, August 26, 2010

Don't Be Deceived

I agree with Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council about the probability of highly placed homosexuals in the Bush presidency undermined the social agenda most conservatives thought they were voting for when President Bush was elected.

The admission of Ken Mehlman that he is homosexual serves to inform us that there are powerful forces influencing those we elect to office. Add to that the recently stated position of former First Lady, Laura Bush, supporting abortion and same sex marriage; and you have a receipt for complacency at the very highest levels of a supposedly conservative government.

Such revelations should not surprise us, when we look at the backgrounds of these individuals. Mehlman has long been "outed" numerous times by various individuals, but the denials always seemed sufficient to placate us. Mrs. Bush is steeped in the dogma of liberal United Methodist theology, and though both she and her husband give kudos to conservative evangelicalism, their feel good Christianity continually seemed too accepting of clear error.

President Bush was the right man at the right time to lead our country through the turbulent times of post 9-11. However, he was never a genuine social or fiscal conservative. His tax cuts now appear to have been little more than an attempt to appease conservatives while diverting attention from his agenda of ever expanding government.

Let us not believe the power brokers as they promise a new day for conservatism. Consummate shape-shifter, John McCain, has been re-elected in Arizona on the heels of a challenge by an even more duplicitous candidate than he. Those presenting themselves for service often seem so flawed, the electorate is forced into the "better the devil I know, than the devil I don't" approach.

The crying need of today is for men and women of character to present themselves for service as genuine statesmen willing to stand for right even should it mean defeat, rather than compromise. I believe those individuals can be found in the local conservative evangelical churches of America. Most seem reticent to offer themselves, all the while bemoaning the paucity of men and women of character serving. The time has come for men and women to accept the call to political service and give themselves in service to God through government.

Now, please do think this will solve the problems we face as a nation. The solution to those problems cannot be found in and through government. The real problem is one of shallowness of walk within the New Testament churches of America. Should the genuine Believers once again turn their faces toward Calvary, and walk in the spirit of Calvary, I believe God would bring healing to the land, and those wolves in sheep's clothing would be exposed before they attained such positions of power and influence.

I do, however, believe that God calls men to government, just as He calls men as policemen, doctors, preachers, teachers, and roustabouts. Let us pray for those with His call upon them to present themselves for service to the citizenry of this land.

© 2010 Mike Rasberry

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mount Vesuvius

At noon on August 24, 79 A.D. the decadent pleasure of the Roman city, Pompeii, came to an end. As the peak of Mount Vesuvius erupted covering the city with fifteen feet of flowing lava and ash, lethal gas belched from the volcano’s innards killed those attempting to hide in cellars and stone buildings.

Wealthy Romans vacationing in the idyllic resort doubtless anticipated a winning evening at the prominent gambling establishments, or perhaps a visit to one or more of the numerous brothels in the city. Probably none would have anticipated that death was already knocking at life’s door. They were people who lived for the moment with little regard for the eternal consequences of their life styles.

Suddenly fear gripped the area as a monstrous noise muted everything else, and the only thought became self-preservation.

The events of Pompeii remind me of the admonition of Peter to his readers in 2 Peter chapter three, that the “Day of The Lord” will come upon the unprepared world at a time when they least expect it. It will come at a time when scoffers willfully ignore the historical facts of Scripture, and disdain the free gift of salvation. Then as the dreadful “Day of The Lord” unveils itself fear will drive men to hide in basements, but there shall no shelter be found from the fervent heat of God’s Divine judgement.

You and I, who believe the Scriptures to be the Word of God, ought be impressed by that Word toward a new sense of urgency in offering the only shelter which will stand against that dreadful day, the shelter which is Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son.

The decadence and unbelief of this age are demonstrated time and again by the willful disregard for Godly principles of living even among those who know His truth and profess to be His children. I find it difficult to believe that those of that era could surpass the degradation and unmitigated filthiness of contemporary citizens of this earth. Which belief leads me to anticipate His soon return, and stirs my heart to communicate His way of deliverance to as many as possible.

Have you shared the saving grace of Jesus Christ personally with someone recently? If not, don’t you think it is high time you are about the primary business to which He has called you?

© 2010 Mike Rasberry

Our Miss Brooks

I recently watched a movie with Richard Crenna and was reminded of his role as Walter Denton in the 1950's television comedy “Our Miss Brooks." Contemporary television and radio listeners would be surprised popularity of the program to the viewers and listeners of yesteryear

Such nostalgic thoughts bring to mind the more simple days of my childhood. I remember gathering tiny daisies as we children walked and played in the pasture on a springtime Sunday afternoon while searching for, and exultantly finding, flint arrowheads around the spring used by my grandparents for drinking water. Those treasures stirred our fertile imaginations to myriad scenarios which might have resulted in the objects being left behind by those almost mythical visitors of years long gone.

Today’s life, though complex in its components, retains an aura of simplicity when one decides to live his life in accordance with the purpose and plan of God for His life. I’m convinced that God still wants His followers to avoid the frenetic lifestyle adopted by the world, in order to enjoy the great blessings inherent in living during these exciting days. “Taking time to smell the roses” can be more than a cliche.

Over and over, I’m told by professing Believers that they simply do not have time to meet privately and purposefully with Holy God. Between working overtime, extra jobs, children’s activities, school responsibilities, family demands, and even church commitments; little remains for that One who left the glories of heaven, walked the dusty roads of that little Palestinian country, faced unspeakable torment on Calvary’s Tree, and paid the penalty for our sins.

In Psalms 46: 9-11 the psalmist reminds us that Holy God is in charge. It is He we’re told who, “.. makes wars cease to the end of the earth; He breaks the bow and cuts the spear in two; He burns the chariot in the fire.” Then God has the psalmist tell us, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

All our energy and effort cannot affect change, except that which is ordained by Holy God. Why do we scurry around like frightened mice, going first this way and then that; rather than purposing to be still awhile with the one in whose hand our future lies? He wants us to rest in Him. He declares in verse 11, “The LORD of hosts is with us; The God of Jacob is our refuge.”

Life is really quite simple. Spend enough time with God to know what His will is for one’s life. Then, by faith, act on His will. I’m convinced that much of what we do is NOT God’s will, and therefore we are often overwhelmed by the circumstances of life. “Be still and know that I am God” remains a necessity for the effective rest that God provides.

© 2010 Mike Rasberry