Saturday, September 13, 2008

More Braves Playoffs

In the top of the sixth Carolina loaded the bases with only one out but a sharply hit ball to the Braves Shortstop began an inning ending double play.

Keeping up with Ole Miss and Mississippi State makes for a challenge as I must watch home runs by the Braves because we shoot pyrotechnic responses to their home runs. Of course the announcers keep us updated on the football games as we go along.

I've been surprised that none of the high and long fly balls have carried out of the park.

Attendance at these minor league playoff games is almost always low. High School and College Football are formidable competition, but tonight's game has so far proven to be worth the price of a ticket. Every inning has produced drama and exciting plays.

Mississippi Braves Playoffs

I'm sitting here in 20 mile an hour wind just outside the fence in the parking lot of Trustmark Park in Pearl, Mississippi watching the Mississippi Braves in the Southern League Championship game against the Carolina Mudcats. In the bottom of the fifth the score is tied at 1 with both teams missing several scoring opportunities.

The gusty weather has resulted in no home runs but lots of fundamentally sound baseball. Batters have been very adept at advancing runners to scoring position with less than two outs. However, J.C. Holt just parlayed a double into a position on third when the runner ahead of him was out at home. Runs are so scarce tonight that every opportunity is taken to score, and an infield hit just sent Holt home with the lead run with two outs in the bottom of the fifth.

The light mist may be prelude to another rain delay. The game was delayed on Friday Night for about 1 1/2 hours. Then last night the game went into the 14th inning before the Braves got a walk off Grand Slam to tie the series up at two games each and send the series into tonight's series finale.

Have to go now and conclude setting up for the fireworks show at the close of the trophy presentation if the Braves win...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hurricane Gustav #3

Tuesday Morning September 2. My plans were to return to Slidell today. However, after speaking with several folks in Slidell, I felt we could do greater service by remaining here for another day.

My wife, Diane, is on Hurricane Standby for the month of September and they called her this afternoon telling her they need her there for Thursday. Another lady had taken her call for Hurricane Gustav, but now she needs to be there. The surgical suites cannot operate without her. :-)

This morning Diane took the Grandchildren to "The Chicken Store." That is my grandson's name for "Dirt Cheap." They can spend several hours going through "stuff" until they find the one thing she will buy them. It is a great place for kids.

I spent some time at the Stonewall Town Hall this afternoon getting information and doing a little research for something I'm writing.

Then to the pasture to check on that longhorn heifer. My Border Collie Pup was born the second week of June and is still not ready to do any herding. But I'm ready for her to grow up fast. I'm tired of chasing cows.

Some folks checked out our house this morning and reported that it was unscathed except for some limbs from the Crepe Myrtle in our front yard. That was very good news. The news that no flood waters approached our house is also very good news.

About 5:00 PM, we received word that electric service has been restored to our house and to our church. We'll return to Slidell tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.

My son has wifi at his office in Stonewall, so there have been several of us here this afternoon catching up on email.

Hurricane Gustav #2

Monday morning September 1. Labor Day 2008. All eyes were glued to the TV screen as we awaited Gustav's landfall. Concern turned to relief as we began to realize the threatened monster had met God's wind shear, and had its claws severely trimmed. Though still a dangerous CAT 2 storm, the feared devastation was averted by God's mercy.

After contacting all the church members I could locate, and ascertaining their safety; I made a trip to Meridian to purchase plywood in order to shore up my mother's sofa. She is suffering from some type of nerve damage and has been severely limited in her mobility for the last ten days or so.

While in Meridian I realized that it was Monday and that the stockyard was open, so not wanting to waste any time, I went by the stockyard; just to see how things were selling. :-) Of course, I saw something I just could not live without-- a one and one half year old longhorn heifer. Wow!! Just what I needed. So naturally, I had to bid on her, and do you know those other folks stopped bidding just so I would get her. At least that's what I told my wife when explaining the transaction.

Well the purchase of that heifer revealed another need--a stock trailer. Wouldn't you know? There was one alongside the road near my mother's house, and it was for sale. I inquired about the cost, and then I counter offered. Eventually we compromised and now I have a sturdy stock trailer in desperate need of a paint job. I wonder if the longhorn heifer was embarrassed when I showed up with that trailer to take her to her new home. :-)

So far Hurricane Gustav has hit my pocketbook pretty hard!!!

Hurricane Gustav #1

Sunday Morning ten of us met to worship and pray prior to evacuating for Hurricane Gustav. One couple planned to stay through the storm. They are in an area where little water was expected.

Several people wanted to attend worship with us, but didn't know if they'd have access to travel.

After loading up all our necessities and my wife's "Treasures," we raised everything possible off the floor to avoid possible destruction by flooding.

We left Slidell about 4:15 PM with a four vehicle caravan. We traveled Highway 11 to Pearl River, La; then Highway 41 to Bush, La where we hit Highway 21 which took us through Bogalusa and on the the Mississippi State line. Mississippi Highway 35 took us across Highway 98 to Highway 84 which we took to Laurel, Ms. Total travel time was less than four hours.

As we traveled, we listened to news reports to people traveling to Laurel, Ms from Slidell which took 8-10 hours. I tried to reach radio stations to suggest our route, but was never able to connect.

There was plenty of fuel and food along our route also. Radio stations reported several exits along the I-59 corridor being blocked because there was no fuel. When I arrived back in Slidell Saturday Evening, I found only one station with diesel fuel and gasoline. That was about dark Saturday. I was glad I had filled up before leaving Stonewall.

We arrived at the home of Diane's Mother about 9:00 PM and immediately began unloading frozen foods from the ice chests into her freezer. Bed time was very welcome when about 11:30 we began crawling under the sheets.