Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Westboro Folks Are Wrong

The Westboro Folks are definitely WRONG in their approach to opposing homosexuality.  No one should be called names and attacked like the Westboro folks do.  What they do is degrading. 

Let me say that I believe the Bible teaches that homosexuality is gross sin, and that the open acceptance and promotion of it is the judgement of God upon a land prior to destruction of that land.  But we ought reach a hand out to those caught in the grip of this dread sin.  Certainly we ought not appear to celebrate them, but we ought also not appear to hate them.

Rather than attack individuals, Westboro would better serve the cause of Christ to use the system God has provided to change the government leadership which facilitates and empowers this sinful lifestyle.  

Conversely those professing Believers who give the impression of support of the Homosexual lifestyle by proclaiming that God loves seem also to miss the point.  The prime attribute of God is His holiness and His love is a natural outflow of that holiness.  Because He is holy and loves, He gave His only Son that men need not be enslaved by such things as homosexuality.  He loves so much that he condemns the sin all the while offering to the offender a path whereby he might not only find deliverance, but the power to overcome those tendencies in his life.

When one rejects God's proffered salvation, which by the way is offered ONLY on God's terms, and there is not negotiation; that one will suffer the consequences of that rejection.  That is why we cease not to warn in spoken and written word continually, and do not fear the lament of the populace as they decry our supposed intolerance.

So, one might ask, "Just what is this salvation which is a path to deliverance from homosexuality?"  Simply stated, it is making Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior of one's life.   Well how is that accomplished?  I believe Scripture teaches that God offers to every human being the opportunity to turn to Him and the wherewithal to accomplish that turn. (1) First one must be convicted that he, himself, is a sinner and the enemy of God.  This is not a natural thing and is accomplished through the work of God's Holy Spirit.  You can be sure, I believe, that if you see yourself in such a light it is the work of God in your life.

(2)  After recognition of one's condition, he is broken hearted over that condition.  Not because of potential consequences but because of what sin does to Holy God.  Sin caused Jesus Christ to leave the glory of heaven and suffer the indignities of the cross while paying with His totally innocent life the penalty for sin which you and I deserve.

(3)  One must, having recognized that condition and experienced contrition for sin; confess to God in prayer.  Prayer is talking with God and requires no particular formula or pattern.  It is the genuine outpouring of one's heart to God with the belief that He cares and hears.  Confession is simply saying to God that you know your unworthy sinfulness and acknowledge your inability to cure yourself, and your need of an intercessor.  By faith you confess that you believe and trust in Jesus Christ as the only way and accept Him as LORD.

(4)  These first three steps might happen in a moment and be hardly distinguishable one from the other, but the fourth step takes a life time.  It involves conversion from Sin.  At the time of salvation God has been doing a mighty work in the life of the individual.   He gives one a new heart that is bent toward Him rather than toward the world.  However, God does not destroy the pull of the world in the individual's life.  He is given a new purpose, a new direction, a new name, and a new eternal home.  He is also given a new companion, the Holy Spirit, who indwells him and provides strength, direction, companionship, comfort, courage, and whatever else is needed to accomplish God's plan for that life.   The Holy Spirit will warn the genuine Believer when he is tempted to stray from God's purposes, and He will provide the strength to turn from evil.  Should the Believer fail to listen to the warning and become caught up in sin, the Holy Spirit will continue to call to him to repent of the sin and return to God in confession. 

God allows each Believer to make choices continually, with each carrying rewards and consequences.  That is why it is a life long process of turning from sin.  

A word of caution--No one can come to the Father except the Spirit draw him.  Therefore, it is extremely important that one respond to Him when He calls because that may be the only call which comes. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

God's Judgement On America

In light of recent events, I believe Christian people need to understand what homosexuality means in light of God's Word.  At the most recent meeting between the University of Tennessee and University of Missouri basketball teams, Michael Sams, the extraordinarily talented football player who is expected to be a high NFL draft choice was honored with a standing ovation when he entered the basketball arena.  The event which precipitated the ovation was his recent public "coming out" as he proclaimed himself to be a homosexual.

That the people would applaud him rather than hang their heads in shame is testimony that the Judgement of God already rests upon America.  Homosexuality, you see, does not lead to judgement, it is judgement.  The fact that Americans in such large numbers are sympathetic to his position and that governmental leadership at the national and state level are working diligently to facilitate an environment which accommodates him and others like him who shamelessly proclaim their abominable lifestyles is proof that God has turned us over to our own devices.

How long God refrains from wreaking upon our nation the same fate he unleashed upon Sodom seems to depend upon the number of genuine Believers who continue to stand for truth and justice in our day.   The following message, "God's Judgement On America," can be accessed by clicking the link.   I pray you choose to stand for God in these days.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Learning To Lean On Jesus

This past Sunday during the AM Service I preached from Hebrews 11:21 "By faith Jacob, when he was dying, blessed each of the sons of Joseph, and worshiped, leaning on the top of his staff."  The message was entitled Learning To Lean On Jesus.  It is a short history of Jacob's life in which we discovered the events which shaped his life and brought him to a place where he began to lean on Jesus for his provision, protection, and protection.  
Click on this link :Learning to Lean on Jesus to listen to the message.

The study on Colossians will be put up here soon.