Sunday, February 16, 2014

God's Judgement On America

In light of recent events, I believe Christian people need to understand what homosexuality means in light of God's Word.  At the most recent meeting between the University of Tennessee and University of Missouri basketball teams, Michael Sams, the extraordinarily talented football player who is expected to be a high NFL draft choice was honored with a standing ovation when he entered the basketball arena.  The event which precipitated the ovation was his recent public "coming out" as he proclaimed himself to be a homosexual.

That the people would applaud him rather than hang their heads in shame is testimony that the Judgement of God already rests upon America.  Homosexuality, you see, does not lead to judgement, it is judgement.  The fact that Americans in such large numbers are sympathetic to his position and that governmental leadership at the national and state level are working diligently to facilitate an environment which accommodates him and others like him who shamelessly proclaim their abominable lifestyles is proof that God has turned us over to our own devices.

How long God refrains from wreaking upon our nation the same fate he unleashed upon Sodom seems to depend upon the number of genuine Believers who continue to stand for truth and justice in our day.   The following message, "God's Judgement On America," can be accessed by clicking the link.   I pray you choose to stand for God in these days.

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Sam said...

Amen ... well written. I too was dumbfounded when I read Sams was given a standing ovation when he was shown in the arena on the video board. This wave in America of placing the sin of homosexuality on a pedestal, as you said, show God's Judgement on America is upon us. Thanks for sharing.