Monday, May 24, 2010

A New Start for a Troubled Marriage

Sunday, May 30 is a momentous moment in the life of Bay Springs Baptist Church. We will celebrate the re-marriage of a couple whose relationship become so estranged that it finally culminated in divorce.

This couple first began to treat each other with indifference, then frustration, and on to antagonism. They really didn't dislike one another, they just felt better when there was a wall of distance between them.

However, something happened as they traveled life's journey. At some point one or both began to realize that God wanted them to investigate the possibility of starting over. The man came to realize that he had never given himself completely to Christ and was born again. The woman realized that she was not allowing Christ to be the boss of her life, and she committed her life to live for Him. Then God showed them that their divorce has been all about self. Couching their decisions in noble sounding declarations no longer seemed satisfactory.

God taught them that He views marriage as permanent, and they sought help to learn how to more effectively relate to one another as unto God Himself. They learned that one's primary purpose to so cultivate a heart that seeks after God, regardless of what one's partner does.

Now they are coming before God and His people and confessing their past individual and collective failure and dedicating their lives to God and one another.

I know several couples who need to begin again. It starts with each individual making a decision to turning his, or her, heart toward God, and making the commitment to God to so live as to reflect God in all their doings.

Each individual believes his/her situation is unique. It is not. Others have walked the same path and succeeded. There is no justification for failure in the marriage relationship. God loves marriage and hates divorce, so those who marry have the blessing of God upon their lives when they start.

I'm thankful to see what God has done in the life of both these fine people who are beginning again this weekend. Lord, I ask you to go before them and drive the hornet of opposition from their path even as you teach them the consummate joy of relying on you.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Believers and The New World Order

President Obama on Saturday offered a glimpse of a new national security doctrine that distances his administration from the policy of preemptive war, emphasizing global institutions and America's role in promoting democratic values. During the address the President seemed to subtly promote the concept of global unity reminiscent of George Herbert W. Bush's "New World Order."

Presidents have lately seemed intent on building a global order which would erase nationalism and create a Utopian Society where everyone is a citizen of the world. Such a concept is not new. Empires have sought to rule the world through conquest throughout recorded history. Nor is it an antiquated notion. Adherents of communism viewed it as a vehicle for world dominion.

Chinese Communist leaders have seemingly discarded communism for capitalism and seem intent on dominating the world through finances. Japan turned her aggressive militaristic nature to economic policy and made enormous gains until the house of cards fell before she could bring the feat off.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise when powerful leaders to look at the world as another challenge to conquer. It certainly is no surprise to Evangelical Christian Believers. Scripture describes the end times as a time when powerful men will ascend to positions of influence and power unmatched in human history. Genuine Believers understand that the energizing force behind such men is nothing less then the prince of this world system, the enemy of God and all those who call upon the name of the Lord.

We do not fear these men; because we, who are genuine Believers, serve the God of Glory under whose dominion the prince of this world system is allowed to operate for a season. We know that at the end of the season, God will ultimately and finally overthrow him and those who have faithfully followed Christ will reign with Him for all eternity, while the enemy and his followers will wallow in a godless, lightless, friendless, comfortless, and never ending hell.

© 2010 Mike Rasberry

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Difference in First Ladies

First Lady Michelle Obama simply does not measure up in the class category when it comes to formal dress. This particular outfit looks cheap and demeaning. Of course, the attempt at provocative dress might be an attempt to distract eyes from the seething anger emanating from those eyes, and the set of her jaw.

Maybe she doesn't speak Spanish, because they are entertaining the President of Mexico and his wife on this occasion.

Laura Bush appears genteel and discrete in her gown at a WH Christmas party during the Bush years.

The extreme difference in poise and style is evident in the two photos.

Michelle Obama's seeming attempt at provocative appears to deteriorate to the edge of vulgarity. A few lessons in decorum would appear to be in order.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Turn up The Heat

When I was a child I enjoyed taking crayons and dropping them into a pot to see what colors I could devise. As I dreamed of creating an unique color, I learned that too much heat would boil away some of the properties of the crayons and leave my new creation brittle and unuseable. I also learned that too little heat would not allow the colors to flow together and blend. The great melting pot of America is struggling today with just how much heat to apply so that those coming to America can blend in such a way as to add to the whole without becoming an unuseable monstrosity.

Yesterday four students were sent home from a school in the San Francisco Bay area for wearing shirts with an American flag on them. They were sent home because children of Mexican descent felt it was their day to express their heritage, and the four were disrespecting “Cinco De Mayo.”

Folks, this is serious business. We seem to have failed those from other nations who have immigrated by not teaching them that America is more than just a meal ticket. The American flag should be proudly flown in the midst of their celebrations. They should understand the policies and loyalties which have contributed to the wealth and freedom they seek here. Their fathers left Mexico seeking a better way of life, or chose to stay when annexation took place. Either way, they are American by choice.

I often wondered about the other large countries of the world why they could not develop, then I discovered that most are hamstrung by language barriers. India has several large states, each with its own language. Canada is wracked by language chaos, with French and English competing, and even China with its strong central government has struggled with the hundreds of unique dialects employed throughout the country.

American has grown because she is the great melting pot, with colors and languages blending their unique attributes into the whole to make a beautiful mosaic where all our lives are richer and more full. However, contemporary officialdom seems intent preventing that mosaic from growing. Policies and laws seemingly designed to prevent the assimilation of other cultures into ours are dividing us according to language, race, and heritage.

Yes, there is a distinct American culture which has been molded by that very melting pot, and those who come here to live should come with the purpose becoming a part of that culture. Poles, Italians, Chinese, Mexican, Navajo, French, African, and from around the globe they have come; making us the pre-imminent nation of the world. But these coming in this era are hyphenated Americans; not attempting to become part of the melting pot, they want to carve out a section of the country for their own where they can maintain the same culture, language, and customs of their native lands.

The most egregious perpetrator of this deadly policy is the public school system which seems to delight in teaching every cultural anomaly except that of the founders of the Country. Students can tell you about Black History Month and Hispanic culture even while they are unable to explain the Bill of Rights, or tell why our forefathers established this great government.

We has best awaken to the danger facing us here in the United States. Celebrate “Cinco de Mayo” but do it proudly under the banner of the Stars and Stripes. This is not Mexico. This is America. The heat needs be turned up a little on our melting pot in order for us to blend more evenly, so that we might continue to become a mosaic of freedom and opportunity for the nations of the world to aspire to.

© 2010 Mike Rasberry