Thursday, June 23, 2011

Those Inconsiderate People

Tuesday I returned home from having conducted a Bible Study to find several luscious tomatoes on the mat at our back door. I had been given a bag full of tomatoes by the lady who hosted the Bible Study, and I thanked her profusely because my wife, Diane, and I love tomato sandwiches. We also love tomatoes in salads, and tomatoes in our goulash. In short we really do like tomatoes. However, those tomatoes left at my door pose quite a problem for me.

Now, I must be nice to EVERYBODY, because I don't know the culprit who perpetrated this dastardly deed. Selective niceness just won't work, because the folks I suspected of doing it were out of town. Now, they could have arranged with someone else to do the deed, thus throwing me off track. However, I dare not trust to that lest I be wrong, and neglect to befriend the actual culprit and lose his/her good will thereby preventing me from obtaining additional tomatoes.

To add to this dilemma, someone has twice left corn on that very same mat. I suspect that it is the same person intent on reforming me so that I act with kind regard to everyone. Whatever will happen to my reputation if word gets around that I'm acting with warmth and kind regard toward everyone in the community? I shudder to think that such gossip would get out, but with the very nature of gossip, I'm becoming reconciled to the probability.

If it weren't for these inconsiderate and devious people I could continue developing my contentious and querulous demeanor thus alienating people so that I might sit at home and indulge myself in that form of self-pity appreciated only by those of us adept at cutlivating it.

However, I do like tomatoes, and corn, and ... Maybe folks aren't so bad after all. Maybe ...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Angels of Summer

Each year Bay Springs Baptist Church has a pretty full Vacation Bible School. This year was a little less intensive than previous years because we only did the full day school for two of the five days. On full days, 9 AM - 3PM, we ride horses for half the day. The ladies prepare food and the children and workers enjoy a meal at the church.

God has blessed us over the years with plenty of workers, and this year was no different. Some of these "Angels of Summer" use vacation time to assist, while others put other matters on hold for that week. Mrs Gwen Cherry has the overall organizational responsibility for the VBS and she puts in many hours planning and decorating before the week even arrives. This year Mrs Louise Newell enticed her newly retired husband, Coach Jack Newell to help her with the nursery part of the time. Mrs. Wanda Gordon, recovering from an asthma attack which required hospitalization was able to help out part of the time.

Mrs. Ashley Boren, Mrs Terri Branning, & Mrs. Holly Wiggins worked throughout the week, teaching, feeding, and leading. Once again this year, Crystal Hayes who came from Illinois five years ago to spend a Summer and wound up staying in Louisiana, came to lend her assistance. She brought two Youth, Chey'Anne Parker and Cyara Brooks. The three of them have been busy every day, all day. They helped look after some of the children who could not have attended without daycare, and Cyara, along with Crystal, Ashley, & Holly were indespensible while working with the horses.

On Thursday, Kevin Rasberry, Matthew Wiggins, and Jonathan Wiggins also helped with the horses. All of the horse helpers walked a lot with the children on horseback.

Thursday Morning during the early riding session, the children were treated to an exhibition of horse training when Cyara Brooks attempted to ride my three year-old Palomino Quarter Horse, Belle. She stayed on for about 4-5 bucks before tumbling to the ground. However, her second attempt was much easier. Belle jumped a little but did not buck and Cyara had a successful mount and dismount.

Appreciation is also warranted to my wife, Diane who was off work due to sick leave. Her presence enabled me to keep three young ladies in my house during the week, and she prepared many meals for us. Then my Mom, Mildred Rasberry, came up Thursday Morning to stay with us when Diane had to return to work.

Finally, let me say, "Thank You," to Casey Clifton who trims the horses for us and makes sure they are ready for the kids to have successful rides. Bobby McDade's allowing us to utilize the field behind our house was essential this year to the success of our camp.

Now all these "Angels of Summer" would really not be effective if not for the parents who transported children to and from all week. The kids were a joy, Thank you parents for entrusting your children to us for a week of fun and Bible Study.

Thank you Angels for your willingness to serve Christ selflessly during this physically trying week.