Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Wausau Labor Day Parade

The Wausau, Wisconsin Labor Day Parade has now become the Labor Union Parade. Organizers there equate labor with unions, even though only 11.9% of all workers are unionized. This is manifested in the organizer’s banning of Republican law makers from participating in the parade.

Randy Radtke’s statement, president of the Marathon County Central Labor Council, “Usually they've been in the parade, but it seems like they only want to stand with us one day a year, and the other 364 days they don't really care,” demonstrates the typical union/liberal bias that theirs is the only possible expression of concern for labor.

The fact is the Republicans are just as concerned about labor as are the unions, but their philosophy in meeting those concerns is different. Labor unions believe more money toward social programs, more money for workers, with less responsibility, and more free time is best for the nation. Republicans believe workers should have a comfortable living, but that those employed by the government, who have enormous benefits, should not be allowed to strike in the same way private enterprise groups do.

Each strike in the public sector is simply an additional tax upon the rest of the working class, as government only generates income by confiscating monies from the citizenry via taxation.

The unions are empowered by additional members, and have the backing of liberal Democrats, because they traditionally vote the Democratic ticket. Democrats seem to have little philosophical investment in the process except as they desire the continued participation of union rank and file in their “get out the vote” campaigns, and in the largess union leaders show toward Democratic candidates by showering them with the ever increasing dues charged union members.

I am not opposed to unions. I am opposed to requiring one to be a member of a union in order to work. Such policies are contrary to American initiative, and exceptionalism. I also oppose the practice of unions taking union dues to support policies and politicians with which many workers disagree.

But the concept of unionizing government workers is one of the most ridiculous concepts government has yet enacted. The warnings bellowed from paper, over wire, and through the air were summarily dismissed by the heavy-handed purveyors of this dastardly deed. Today those chickens are coming home to roost, and those responsible are reacting in childish displays of angst, thus the silly ruling against Republican lawmaker’s participation in the Wausau Labor Day Parade.

© 2011 Mike Rasberry

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Don't Like That Law, I Think I'll Just Ignore It

No matter your stance on immigration, if you are not a hard core liberal, you are dismayed by the recent decision by the Obama administration and liberal activist Janet Napalitano, dba, Homeland Security Secretary; to choose to ignore established law simply because they don't agree with it.

The administration under pressure from Napalitano has agreed to stop deportations of illegals, simply because congress cannot agree on a new law. Duh??? Old law still in effect. Hey, there are several laws, I don't agree with, and with which congress has been unable to come up with something to my satisfaction. Therefore, I'll just ignore the existing law, and do what I want. How far will that get me when I'm trying to board a plane?

However, that is the "M.O" of liberals. They decide a law is bad, they just ignore it. Conservatives say a law is bad, i.e. abortion, we called neanderthals. It is once again the liberal elitist approach to governing.

HELP!!! Let's get rid of that bunch. Even better, Lord I want to be here as long as you want me to stay, but with the Apostle John, I echo, "Even so, Come Lord Jesus."

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


In the recent article "Sorry, Guys, There Are No More Kings," by David Harsanyi, the writer clearly outlines the disconnect between the Eastern Elitist Establishment and the masses of citizenry who actually make this country great.

Harsanyi exposes the air of superiority demonstrated by those who would rule the masses as he quotes liberal newspapers, and Ivy League professors.

One unique aspect of the American Experience is the belief that those who sit in offices behind ivy covered brick walls are not the heart and soul of the country. Those theoreticians whose primary purpose is not to rule, but rather to question so that the people can solidify their decisions by examining alternatives have evolved to consider themselves more authoritative than theoretical.

Therein lies the disconnect. Time and again intellectuals have so piqued the American mind as to energize her populace to achieve improbable results. "Go West, Young Man," stirred families, young professionals, and businessmen with the possibilities of westward expansion and gave impetus to the migration.

Rather than such emotional calls today stirring men's hearts to accomplish great tasks; the intellectuals seemingly seek to subvert freedom and enslave men by making them dependent upon a benevolent state ruled by an autocratic upper class.

Perhaps they have earned the title, "Pseudo-Intellectual."

© Mike Rasberry 2011

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Dolly Parton's World View

The recent apology by Dolly Parton to the homosexual community and her subsequent statement that she supports the lesbian and homosexual community causes great concern for me. I've always known that Parton did not have the value system of most conservative Believers, but I believed hers was a family friendly enterprise. One characteristic of a family friendly environment is one where I can take my grandchildren without them being inundated with people promoting the abolishment of the traditional family.

I fully respect the right of individuals to express their opinions, even when they are absolutely and unequivocally wrong as is the case of those who support same sex marriage. However, I wonder what the reaction will be when an individual wears a t-shirt saying, "Same Sex Marriage is Sinful?" When a homosexual activist complains will the person with the traditional view receive the same latitude as the homosexual activist? Will Parton come out and say that she also supports traditional marriage, or is her political correctness one-sided? In fact, how one support two positions which are absolute polar opposites?

I've listened to Parton sing traditional hymns, and heart stirring songs of faith, but it seems her faith is not reflected in her business decisions, or her faith is not a Biblical faith. At any rate, those who have looked at her and her enterprises as supportive of traditional values now have a new paradigm by which to gauge her. Her world view seems little different from other money grubbing moguls of different eras, i.e. there are no values higher than the almighty buck.