Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Don't Like That Law, I Think I'll Just Ignore It

No matter your stance on immigration, if you are not a hard core liberal, you are dismayed by the recent decision by the Obama administration and liberal activist Janet Napalitano, dba, Homeland Security Secretary; to choose to ignore established law simply because they don't agree with it.

The administration under pressure from Napalitano has agreed to stop deportations of illegals, simply because congress cannot agree on a new law. Duh??? Old law still in effect. Hey, there are several laws, I don't agree with, and with which congress has been unable to come up with something to my satisfaction. Therefore, I'll just ignore the existing law, and do what I want. How far will that get me when I'm trying to board a plane?

However, that is the "M.O" of liberals. They decide a law is bad, they just ignore it. Conservatives say a law is bad, i.e. abortion, we called neanderthals. It is once again the liberal elitist approach to governing.

HELP!!! Let's get rid of that bunch. Even better, Lord I want to be here as long as you want me to stay, but with the Apostle John, I echo, "Even so, Come Lord Jesus."

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