Wednesday, August 10, 2011


In the recent article "Sorry, Guys, There Are No More Kings," by David Harsanyi, the writer clearly outlines the disconnect between the Eastern Elitist Establishment and the masses of citizenry who actually make this country great.

Harsanyi exposes the air of superiority demonstrated by those who would rule the masses as he quotes liberal newspapers, and Ivy League professors.

One unique aspect of the American Experience is the belief that those who sit in offices behind ivy covered brick walls are not the heart and soul of the country. Those theoreticians whose primary purpose is not to rule, but rather to question so that the people can solidify their decisions by examining alternatives have evolved to consider themselves more authoritative than theoretical.

Therein lies the disconnect. Time and again intellectuals have so piqued the American mind as to energize her populace to achieve improbable results. "Go West, Young Man," stirred families, young professionals, and businessmen with the possibilities of westward expansion and gave impetus to the migration.

Rather than such emotional calls today stirring men's hearts to accomplish great tasks; the intellectuals seemingly seek to subvert freedom and enslave men by making them dependent upon a benevolent state ruled by an autocratic upper class.

Perhaps they have earned the title, "Pseudo-Intellectual."

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