Thursday, August 04, 2011

Dolly Parton's World View

The recent apology by Dolly Parton to the homosexual community and her subsequent statement that she supports the lesbian and homosexual community causes great concern for me. I've always known that Parton did not have the value system of most conservative Believers, but I believed hers was a family friendly enterprise. One characteristic of a family friendly environment is one where I can take my grandchildren without them being inundated with people promoting the abolishment of the traditional family.

I fully respect the right of individuals to express their opinions, even when they are absolutely and unequivocally wrong as is the case of those who support same sex marriage. However, I wonder what the reaction will be when an individual wears a t-shirt saying, "Same Sex Marriage is Sinful?" When a homosexual activist complains will the person with the traditional view receive the same latitude as the homosexual activist? Will Parton come out and say that she also supports traditional marriage, or is her political correctness one-sided? In fact, how one support two positions which are absolute polar opposites?

I've listened to Parton sing traditional hymns, and heart stirring songs of faith, but it seems her faith is not reflected in her business decisions, or her faith is not a Biblical faith. At any rate, those who have looked at her and her enterprises as supportive of traditional values now have a new paradigm by which to gauge her. Her world view seems little different from other money grubbing moguls of different eras, i.e. there are no values higher than the almighty buck.

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"Auntie for Hire" said...

Sad... seems it appears more profitable to go with culturally popular opinion that your real values (or the ones folks that she stood for). I recall a friend years ago saying, 'I would rather be Biblically correct than politically correct'. I do wish that were more prevalent!