Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hurricane Gustav #2

Monday morning September 1. Labor Day 2008. All eyes were glued to the TV screen as we awaited Gustav's landfall. Concern turned to relief as we began to realize the threatened monster had met God's wind shear, and had its claws severely trimmed. Though still a dangerous CAT 2 storm, the feared devastation was averted by God's mercy.

After contacting all the church members I could locate, and ascertaining their safety; I made a trip to Meridian to purchase plywood in order to shore up my mother's sofa. She is suffering from some type of nerve damage and has been severely limited in her mobility for the last ten days or so.

While in Meridian I realized that it was Monday and that the stockyard was open, so not wanting to waste any time, I went by the stockyard; just to see how things were selling. :-) Of course, I saw something I just could not live without-- a one and one half year old longhorn heifer. Wow!! Just what I needed. So naturally, I had to bid on her, and do you know those other folks stopped bidding just so I would get her. At least that's what I told my wife when explaining the transaction.

Well the purchase of that heifer revealed another need--a stock trailer. Wouldn't you know? There was one alongside the road near my mother's house, and it was for sale. I inquired about the cost, and then I counter offered. Eventually we compromised and now I have a sturdy stock trailer in desperate need of a paint job. I wonder if the longhorn heifer was embarrassed when I showed up with that trailer to take her to her new home. :-)

So far Hurricane Gustav has hit my pocketbook pretty hard!!!

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den10 said...

Sounds like the heifer and your cattle addiction is costing you more than Gustov. Great to hear minimal damage for you guys but we will continue to pray for those that were not so fortunate. God Bless