Thursday, March 19, 2009

Following Mississippi State in the NCAA's

  • The first ten minutes of the game were played as if both were afraid to take the lead.
  • I'm surprised that Varnardo has been kept in check. He has to break loose in the second half.
  • Unforced errors in first half made MSU look outclassed. Must get shots off.
  • Beginning to wonder about those statements that Stansbury is great regular season coach, but outsmarts himself in tournaments.
  • Washington seems almost able to do whatever they want at 3 minutes of the second half.
  • Varnardo's block could ignite MSU and they do need to be ignited. 44-30 Still scored only two baskets in second half.
  • Four fouls on Varnardo at 14 minutes. That big center, Brockman, is tough. He looks like he's about three ax handles wide.
  • State makes a couple of good plays than makes four very poor one. A steal leads to a fast break opportunity only to have the player pushing the ball throw it away. A total lack of discipline.
  • Back to a twenty point lead for Washington with 3:42 left. Thought when the deficit was cut to fourteen with 7 minutes left they might cut it to ten with five minutes, but made several errors.
  • One thing for sure they never quit. That is the mantra of the losing team, is it not?

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