Saturday, August 22, 2009

Is This President Acting Deliberately or Ignorantly?

Paul Driessen reports on that the Denver Art Museum spent $720,000 for taxpayer subsidized photovoltaic solar panels for its roof. He further reports that while the panels will certainly reduce conventional electricity bills that it will take 110 years to save enough on those bills to pay for the panels. The problem is the panels are designed to last only 30 years.

So what is the point? Exactly this. President Obama gets to promote solar power, with the majestic Rockies in the background of his photo op.

I'm not opposed to solar energy. It just isn't cost effective as long as we have such an abundance of petroleum resources available, albeit, under lock and key.

The time has come for the American populace to rise up in mass and tell our representatives, this is a representative democracy after all, that we want the doors to our petroleum reserves unlocked. We need to drill and drill often. We need to tell those states, California, Oregon, and Florida which don't want drilling that they can like it or lump it. Their jurisdiction reaches only seven miles.

We need to open the vast reserves in Alaska and we need it now. Ecological concerns have long since been adequately addressed along the tundra. The only justifiable reason for continuing the moratorium on domestic drilling is to quiet the shrill, non-sensical voices of the lunatic left which is led by very belligerent radical activists. Let them yell--let them scream, but drill, drill, drill!

President Obama has agreed, it seems, to help Brazil develop their vast offshore oil reserves. If oil is morally wrong, what is wrong with this picture? Recent reports have China, the most populous nation in the world, investing heavily in oil development with their oil rich trading partners with never a word of rebuke from this administration. If oil is so morally wrong, why not slap China with trade restrictions.

It seems to this writer, that oil is only morally wrong if drilled in the United States. Thereby giving a picture of an administration deliberately, or worse ignorantly, guiding us inexorably toward total economic destruction.

The recent "Cash For Clunkers" program certainly generated sales of new cars, but it removed thousands of good used cars from the lots where those who cannot afford a new vehicle at this time have fewer and fewer choices. The used car salesmen, have an immensely depleted inventory. The mechanics who maintain these vehicles have less work, and the taxpayer is hit with a $3 billion dollar bill. Is it deliberate or ignorance?

The anecdotal evidence that this administration is following a path which could lead to the ultimate destruction of our entire economy is enormous. The question we must ask: Is it a deliberately chosen path where they are fully cognizant of the potential, or is it simply ignorance based upon the belief structure they have developed from their association with the radical leftist fringe of society. Which ever is the case, we must pray for Divine intervention, and mobilize the masses lest we be swept into irrelevance in much the same manner as other historical dominant cultures.

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