Monday, December 13, 2010

A Most Gracious Lady

It is that time of the year again. This morning I received my first "Twelve Days of Christmas" gift from my darling wife. One of her delights is presenting our grandchildren, our mothers, and me with gifts each of the twelve days leading up to Christmas. She is already collecting those gifts for next year and beyond. She has cardboard file boxes labeled with each name. We have ten grandchildren, so there are thirteen of us she prepares for.

I've never known anyone who enjoys giving more than Diane. She is rentless in her approach to this project which she doesn't accomplish in a vacuum. She continues to work long hours as a surgical nurse, teaches a class at the prison on Monday nights, sings in the ensemble at church, teaches a children's Sunday School class, cooks, cleans house, and remains a great example of a wife, mother, and Pastor's wife.

I often hear a man complain about his wife's laziness, but I'm telling you my wife still has enough energy for any two people. She can work me into the ground any day, and she seldom complains.

Her gracious spirit is recognized by those she welcomes into our home, and into her life. Her children know that she cares deeply for them, and the grandchildren never doubt her affection for them. Those quasi family members who've been unofficially adopted into our family also quickly recognize her gracious spirit. She has such a capacity for giving of herself to others, that only the most self-centered of people do not appreciate her.

During this Christmas Season, I'm most thankful for the Savior given so that I might enjoy eternal life, and live my life on this earth to its utmost. I'm thankful, secondly, for the life partner given to me that I might not walk alone through the days of my life, but have a soul mate who genuinely cares about me. My wife, Diane, is beyond an individual, she is a vital part of me.

I wish for each of my friends that they could find such a life-partner with whom to share their walk through life. If your spouse is such a partner, tell her/him today that you love and appreciate him/her. I assure you, it is a great and rare treasure to share your life with a person of graciousness.

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