Friday, February 03, 2012

Girl Scouts & Abortion & Sexuality

Recently I reposted an article on Facebook stating that the Girl Scouts had become simply another tool for radical feminism to advance their causes. Because several contrary opinions and statements surfaced, I investigated further. Following is some of what I found. Little of what I'm publishing is original with me except for some Pondering at the end. It is all easily located on the web.

  • At the 2010 UN Commission on the Status of Women, Girl Scouts from America along with GSUSA spokesperson Joshua Ackley lobbied at the United Nations as a support team for the delegation representing the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).
  • At this 2010 United Nations conference, girls on the WAGGGS delegation demanded that governments provide access to abortion.
  • After WAGGGS reported on their website that their girls promoted abortion at the UN, Girl Scouts of the USA was confronted by a number of their pro-life members, asking them to disassociate from WAGGGS.
  • Subsequently, WAGGGS removed from their report the language that showed that Girl Scouts had been promoting abortion at the UN.
I could continue for page upon page, but the fact is the Girl Scouts USA are led by radical feminists who seek to destroy the traditional family and social structure. I would encourage every one who is involved to find another outlet for the girls. Something more local. Your church should be able to combine with other churches to offer an adequate outlet and training opportunity for your daughters and grand daughters.

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