Tuesday, September 04, 2012


I'm sure some folk will not be happy with what I'm about to say, but so be it. Every Genuine Believer in Christ needs to really consider his/her vote in the upcoming election. What possible motivation could there be for a genuine Believer to vote for the Democrat ticket when they so clearly are promoting an agenda 180 degrees from what the Bible teaches. Choice is not choice, because the baby has no choice, it is murder of an unborn child.

Gay marriage is not "gay" it is approval of a deviant lifestyle condemned by Scripture. Those two positions alone should be enough to dissuade any genuine Believer from voting for the democrat ticket.

Now many WILL pull the democrat lever because they perceive it is in their own best interest, or simply because President Obama is Black, or they've just always been democrats, or FDR was a democrat, or "my daddy would roll over in his grave if I voted republican."

Christians, it is NOT about us. Get over it! Our pocketbook is the least of our worries!! Perceptions about health care are only peripherally important. Losing the freedom to develop ourselves to our fullest potential by acquiescing to this "nanny state" philosophy will cost us the freedom to worship, or not.

Get over it, Christians!!! The time has come to die to self and live out the "Christ in Man" life in the political realm.

Retire Mr. OBAMA and Mr. Biden.

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