Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why I'm NOT Worried About The Election

I honestly hope President Obama is retired next month.  I believe him to be a liar, manipulator, sluggard, socialist, and a money-grubbing anti-Christian spawn of Satan, who is also an instrument of Holy God.  Now, lest you experience apoplexy, please understand that the President’s opponent is really not much better, he simply has financial and social policies more likely to propel America financially and morally to the high ground.

I believe this president to be the most dangerous person ever to occupy the White House.  The failure of his policies should be the primary concern of every right thinking citizen; on top of which he is even money to return for another four years.  Yet, none of that worries me.  

I’m concerned that my grandchildren might not enjoy the freedom I enjoyed as a child and young adult as more and more policies are implemented to control every aspect of citizenry life.  I’m concerned that those grandchildren might not have the opportunity to develop their talents to the capacity they’re willing to work to attain.   I’m concerned that worship of God will become inhibited to the extent that political correctness police carefully guard against children being “indoctrinated” with God’s Holy Word.  Yet, none of that worries me.

You see, I believe that just as God sent oppressive regimes to bring Israel to her knees, He continues that work even in this age.   We’re told in Scripture that God has the hearts of kings in His hands turning them which ever way He wants, in the same way He changes the course of the meandering river.  I further believe that God continues to raise up peoples to do His bidding, and when those peoples become so full of themselves that even the genuinely true Believers are weak and ineffectual in their lifestyles, He sends oppression upon them in order to drive them to their knees.  Should those Believers not repent and call upon the Lord for deliverance, I believe He will turn them over to their unbelief and raise up another people to do His bidding.

You see, God’s purpose for those He raises up has always been the same.  For Israel, the twofold purpose was to prepare the world for the coming Messiah, and when He arrived to recognize Him as God and King.  Since Jesus’ incarnation, death, resurrection, and ascension the twofold purpose of those He has raised up has been to make Him Lord, and prepare the world for His soon return.  Israel failed.  Each succeeding group has also failed.

Romanism became corrupt and split into two corrupt groups.  Following the Reformation, several European nations were raised up as His instrument, but liberal theology and humanistic philosophy destroyed their motivation.  America has continued to take the Good News effectively around the world because, I believe, a remnant remains faithful to Christ even during these heady days of self-indulgence.

However, that group is growing smaller almost daily and faithful saints leave this terrestrial ball to enter eternity with Jesus.  Those remaining seem less and less willing to suffer in order to affect genuine revival and spiritual awakening; thereby turning the American church into a smorgasbord of lite and fluffy whimsy rather than the disciplined, dedicated, and principled power of the past.

Should God bring the ever increasing oppressiveness of governmental intrusion upon the land by retaining President Obama, we can know that America is genuinely at a crossroads between being a useful instrument of His grace, and a castoff stubbornly refusing repentance by those who claim His name.   Should total oppression be necessary, I shall, like Jeremiah of old, continue to cry out for God’s people to repent and turn to God.  This is not a popular position, but I believe, it the prudent position.

©                    2012            Mike Rasberry

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brian hayes said...

as christians we are told to not worry. God is in control.... of everything....and He will not be mocked. great commentary brother mike. brian hayes