Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Real Christianity Equals Real Change

Genuine Christianity drastically affects the everyday activities and attitudes of those who come to God by faith in Jesus Christ.  Many folk who profess Christianity seem little affected by their faith.
Matthew Chapter ten, verse 4 includes the name “Simon the Zealot” as one of Jesus’ apostles.   The Zealots were a sect of Judaism which advocated the violent overthrow of the Roman imperialist rule.  They were known to conceal long daggers in the folds of their clothing in order to dispatch any Roman soldier who was careless enough to become isolated from his unit.  Their hatred of all things Roman was well known.  But when he became a follower of Jesus Christ, his life was dramatically changed.  Jesus not only gave him eternal life, but he also received the ability to forgive and love his enemies.

We are only fooling ourselves if we believe that hatred, anger, and an unforgiving spirit can be harbored in the life of a genuine Believer.  The exhibition of those traits demonstrates that one has not truly been changed.  Such a person will not only eventually have his attitude revealed, but will negatively impact his loved ones for generations. 

God never intended for men to live their lives with such burdens upon them.  He sent His Son that we might receive a new heart and thereby a new purpose and outlook on life.  Should Simon continued his angry and vindictive ways toward the Roman interlopers, it would have revealed his great need of genuine conversion.  

Dr. Adrian Rogers was fond of saying, “If you want to know what a man is really like, shake him up a little and see what spills out.”   What spills out of you when circumstances hit you over the head, step on your toe, or rattle your preconceptions?  Do you rant and rave while cursing and threatening when unpleasant situations present themselves?  Such is certainly a warning that one is not where he should be in his relationship to Holy God, and might indicate that genuine salvation has never occurred. 

If you are subject to such outbursts and demonstrations of anger, God has the perfect solution.  He doesn’t want you to spend your life in frustrated anger.  Turn to Christ and surrender your will to His and allow Him to become the Lord, or Boss, or your life.  If you are already a Believer, confess your propensity to sin in this way and claim His cleansing and forgiveness according to 1 John 1:9.

Don’t wait for God to send you a personal message.  This missive is His message to you.  You must choose, but He will empower you to follow through on that choice, should you choose for His way.

From "A Word For Living" by Mike Rasberry

©                          Mike Rasberry               2013

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