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We are studying Colossians for our January Bible Study at BSBC on Sunday and Wednesday Evenings during the month of January.  This is the outline for that study.  I pray it serves as a helpful tool for your study of God's Word.   I'm grateful for many whose works I've gleaned from during the course of preparing this work.

I.     Salutation (1:1-2)

A. Validation of Authority for Writing (1:1)

B. Basis of Interpersonal Relationships (1:2)

II.      Christ’s Fullness Explained  (1:3–2:7)

A. Thanksgiving and Prayer for the Colossians (1:3-14)

1. Thanksgiving  for the Colossians’ Faith (1:3-8)

2. Prayer for the Colossians’ Knowledge and Growth (1:9-14)

B. Hymn to Christ the Lord (1:15-20)

C. Affirmation of Christ the Reconciler (1:21-23)

D. Paul’s Stewardship of His Calling, and the Hidden Mystery(1:24–2:7)

1. The Purpose of Paul’s Sufferings (1:24,25)

2. The Mystery Revealed (1:26,27)

3. The End to which Paul Aspired (1:28,29)

4. Paul’s Concern about their Vulnerability to Deception (2:1-4)

5. Paul’s Admonishment to Stand Fast in The Faith (2:5-7)

III.     Denying Christ’s Fullness (2:8–3:4)

A. The Fullness of Christ More Completely Explained (2:8-15)

1. Statement against Heretics (2:8)

2. Christ’s Fullness is All One Needs  (2:9-15)

a. Christ completes us (2:9-10)

b. Christ delivered us from our Sins (2:11)

c. Christ gave us Life (2:12)

d. Christ has Vanquished Death’s Dread Hold (2:13)

e. Christ has Fulfilled our Obligations (2:14)

f. Christ Defeated our Enemy (2:15)

B. The Colossians Demonstrate Their Lack of Belief (2:16-19)

C. The Colossians Demonstrate Their Hypocrisy  (2:20–3:4)

1. Death with Christ Means Death to Human Regulations (2:20-23)

2. Resurrection with Christ Means New Perspective (3:1-4)

IV.     The Fullness of Christ Demonstrated (3:5–4:6)

A. Demonstrated Individually (3:5-17)

1. Negative: Putting off the Old Man (3:5-11)

2. Positive: Putting on the New Man (3:12-17)

B. Demonstrated in the Home (3:18–4:1)

1. Wives and Husbands (3:18-19)

2. Children and Parents (3:20-21)

3. Slaves and Masters (3:22–4:1)

C. Demonstrated in Relation to Others (4:2-6)

1. In Relation to Believers and Spiritual Leaders (4:2-4)

2. In Relation to Unbelievers (4:5-6)

V.     Final Greetings and Exhortations (4:7-18)

A. Commendation of Tychicus (4:7-9)

B. Greetings from Paul’s Co-Workers (4:10-14)

C. Greetings from Paul (4:15)

D. Exhortations (4:16-18)

©         Mike Rasberry   2014

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Bro. Don said...

Mike, you have done an excellent job of introducing and analyzing Paul's letter to the Church at Colossae. We are doing the JBS Colossian Study at ROSELAND PARK BAPTIST CHURCH in Picayune on Wednesday evenings, and the Lord is blessing our efforts at understanding and applying His Word to 21st Century life. The focus of Paul's concerns is clear. Life is not to be found in either gnosis or ritualism. It is to be found only in relationship to the Father through the Son. It's not about anything we understand or do, it is all about Him and His love for us. Hang tough and tender for Jesus. That's where it's at, my long time friend. Don Stewart