Friday, March 20, 2015


End Times
Many Bible Students have wondered why no reference seems to exist concerning America in “End Times Prophecy.”   It just might be that America will no longer be a world power during the last days, that she lies in ruins, testament to her secularism and her rejection of God as her ultimate Sovereign.  Even now, President Obama is maneuvering to set the United States against Israel’s best interests by hinting that his administration will not back Israel when the United Nations adopts a resolution pushing for a two-state settlement of the Palestinian issue.

Such a position would severely change the dynamic America has enjoyed as the nation has historically, wholehearted supported Israel, thereby obtaining, I believe, the blessing of God as per His pronouncement in Genesis 12:3, “I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

Should America, already under the judgement of God for her blatant legalization of perverted sin according to Leviticus chapter 18, now become Israel’s antagonist; the discerning Believer should recognize the imminent destruction of America looming on the horizon.

The growing secularization of America’s universities, schools, and churches is leading to a multiculturalism which by its very nature rejects God and His Word as the absolute authority.  Since America’s stand with Israel is based upon the influence of a significant number of Bible Believers whose vociferous support has, heretofore, carried the day; how much more diluted can that voice be and still influence national policy? 

In the book of Genesis, Abraham attempted to intercede for Sodom six times.  Abraham obviously understood the nature of Sodom because he seemed to fear that very few righteous persons resided in that hell hole of a city.  Estimates of Sodom’s population range from 1200 to several thousand, but even so Abraham’s final request would have been less than 1% of the population.  I don’t know what percentage of America’s two hundred million plus citizens are genuine Believers.  Certainly it is far less than the percentage of cultural Christians.

One man has declared, “Sin that once slunk down the back alley, now parades down Main Street.”  It is worse than that.  About one hundred years ago, the Fabian Socialists infiltrated American Universities and educated generations of government school teachers.  Today, the fruits of that education system have created an environment conducive to the election of a wholly socialist President, and the abandonment of Biblical authority.  The subsequent abandonment of Israel to those inspired by the prince of this world system, Satan, might just be the straw which breaks the back of the proverbial camel.

Secularists and liberal theologs will deny this hypothesis, but those who genuinely seek to be led by the Holy Spirit of God will know that this nation’s only hope lies not in her armed forces, nor her diplomatic maneuvering, but in a revival of true religion in the hearts of genuine Believers which drives them to fall on their collective faces at the feet of Jesus, crying for mercy.  Such revival will probably precipitate such a spiritual awakening that sin will no longer be celebrated, and Biblical authority will once again be the basis of local and national governance.

©                 Mike Rasberry            2015

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Old Pilgrim said...

I believe you are right, Brother. America, whose founding fathers did their best to follow God's leading, knew that our nation would only survive so long as it's people were Bible believers. Their fears are coming to pass.