Friday, October 30, 2009

FEARS FROM THE RIGHT quotes from an Associated Press interview with the British singer Sting that he believes President Obama is sent from God to straighten out the world’s mess. He says of the opposition to Obama, "It's aggressive and violent and full of fear."

He is correct about one thing. The opposition to Obama is full of fear:
  • Fear that an oppressive one-world government is coagulating.
  • Fear that those of us who believe in Biblical Christianity will soon face Dark Age type persecution where opposition to the official church-state position is deemed heresy, and as such worthy of incarceration and/or death.
  • Fear that our children and grandchildren will not enjoy the freedom to develop their lives to their fullest potential.
  • Fear that our freedom to share our faith will be deemed “Hate Speech.”
  • Fear that American Exceptionalism will become American embarrassment at our accomplishments.
  • Fear that untold millions will continue to be slaughtered by the ruthless selfishness of contemporary liberal attitudes toward abortion.
  • Fear that our young men and young women will be encouraged to continue exploring sexual depravity until the natural God-given sexual appetites are extinguished.
  • Fear that familial relationships will continue to disintegrate as marriage is abandoned and short-term “relationships” flourish in a vain quest for the fulfillment which ironically only comes with genuine commitment.
  • Fear that the burden of caring for the elderly and infirm will be seen as too onerous to continue.

While this is by no means an exhaustive catalog of fears conservatives have, it is a starting point for discussion.

May God have mercy on our land, and may we soon cry out to Him as did the Children of Israel to be delivered from the oppressive hand of this heathen administration.

© 2009 Mike Rasberry

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