Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pondering John McCain & Regulations

John McCain is a true hero. He survived as a POW without compromising. I wish he had carried that same dogma into his political career.

Conservatives understood that McCain was only a "lukewarm" presidential candidate because he was the consummate fence-straddler. Now, he is proving that the country is probably better off with Obama as President. At least, with Obama, we know he is a far left ideologue. We are alert to his every move and can oppose him, because there is little subtly in his approach.

McCain, however, is a different matter. He seems never to have seen an industry, or product, which doesn't need government regulation. He appears to search for new items to regulate. Now he wants to regulate food supplements. All one needs see is the result of government regulation on other products, to recognize the inherent danger here.

Now some are going to say, "But Mike, these things need regulation. They affect our health." I have no problem with "truth in advertising, or accuracy in labeling." However, most of the medicines I was raised on, the same things my mother who is now eighty-four was raised on, and her mother, who lived to the age of ninety-eight, was raised on have been regulated out of our reach.

The sulfur mixed with a molasses was an effective antidote to the red bugs, or chiggers outside the deep South, fleas, and ticks. The penicillin tablets, crushed and mixed with the molasses, fought the infections we contracted as we stepped on rusty nails, and cut ourselves with broken bottles. The Paregoric, also mixed with molasses, helped young children suffering from intestinal disorders and teen girls with menstrual cramps, and was an effective toothache remedy. None of these items are available anymore except through prescription which naturally requires a doctor visit, and trip to the local Walmart Drug store. Can anyone say, "Unnecessary additional costs?"

Now this wolf in sheep's clothing, McCain, desires to regulate even more of our lives. I say, "Enough Already!" Write another memoir, take a fact finding trip to Australia, hike the Grand Canyon, you'll still get paid well by the taxpayer. Just leave our personal lives alone. NO MORE REGULATIONS!!!

© 2010 Mike Rasberry

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