Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cohabitation is a Blight on the Christian Church

The crass statements of my youth justifying premarital sex like, “Never buy a car before you try it out,” have given way to socially acceptable cohabitation in the name of protecting the institution of marriage. Time and again the reason is given by both the couple and their supportive parents that they need to make sure they can make it before entering into the permanence of marriage.

This attitude, especially among Believers, demonstrates a total lack of understanding of God’s plan and leadership. When two Believers come together as one, they should have a sense of God’s working in their lives, and that alone should be enough to help them maintain their commitment through the inevitable tough times.

Dr. Albert Mohler Jr., President of Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Ky; said in a recent article, “Many young adults tend to believe they are wise to try living together before committing to marriage, but actually they are undermining the institution they hope to protect.”

Dr. Mohler went on to say, "They do not know that what they are actually doing is undoing marriage. They miss the central logic of marriage as an institution of permanence."

That marriage is a gift of God is fundamental to Christian belief, yet there seems little practical difference between those who claim to be Believers and those who do not. Not only do young people openly engage in such behavior, but parents and extended family often seem to facilitate it. Even the local body of Believers known as the church seems little inclined to deal with her members who adopt such lifestyles lest someone be offended.

I wholeheartedly agree with Dr. Mohler’s assertion that cohabitation weakens marriage. I also believe that weakened marriage weakens the Christian message. However, I see little opportunity to combat the problem as long as the local body of Believers refuses to see cohabitation as an affront to Holy God. When the local assembly begins to deal with those who claim to be Believers, yet live their lives as if God’s Word and way is unimportant, I believe there will arise a dedicated, disciplined, and Spirit-filled church where the power of God is evident and the influence of the church is expanded.

© 2010 Mike Rasberry


Writer, Splinters of said...

I totally agree Mike. And as long as we have not just Christians but pastors of Baptist churches supporting their own children (even allowing such under their own roof and church) to have romantic relationships, etc. with other persons while they are still legally married (though separated, whether in voice or legality) to their spouse, how can we expect the younger generation to carry a high respect for marriage? Why get married, when you see people (church people) having no problem carrying on relationships with people they aren’t married to? And not only are the relationships winked at, but all too often justified by non-biblical ideals by perceived biblical people.


Anonymous said...

If only all of our brothers and sisters would realize that their apathy for statements like "times change" or “things are different now” - yes, times do change but God does not change nor does his commandments. Parents who accept this type of behavior from their own children only encourage promiscuous behavior not only from their children but their grandchildren, and the cycle will only lead to the perdition of future generations.