Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A Treatise on Liberals' Desire to Regulate Hate Speech

A recent article states that a coalition of more than 30 organizations argue in a letter to the FCC that the Internet has made it harder for the public to separate the facts from bigotry masquerading as news. Therefore, they conclude the FCC should begin to regulate "hate" speech.

Several problems leap out at you as you consider this, not the least of which is who will determine just what "hate" speech is. These mostly left wing organizations decry the fact that information is readily available, and that elitists are now unable to carefully sanitize that information before it reaches the ears of the great unwashed.

After observing the media for about fifty-five years, I've come to believe that anyone who differs with an opinion of one holding an instrument of communication is generally considered a hateful person if he forcefully presents his dissenting argument.

Today we have hate laws which portend to protect those unable to protect themselves because of the inveterate hatred of their enemies. Such laws mete out a harsher punishment for those found guilty of inflicting pain upon individuals because of hatred for their class, culture, moral position, or sexual preference. Such laws are probably unconstitutional at the least and counter productive besides.

Now comes the thought police to ascertain if I'm acting with hatred toward a group when I say homosexuality is a sin in God's eyes according to my understanding of Scripture. Never mind that my purpose is not to demean, but rather to inform with the hope that one or more will repent of that position and turn to Christ for saving grace.

Religious and political speech are unconditionally protected by the Constitution of the United States of America. The Supreme Court has affirmed such in case after case over the course of the last two hundred thirty years, but come now those established liberal elitists who believe they can determine the thought process of those who write and speak to the masses.

Should you and I not unequivocally reject those who advocate such positions, we will one day find ourselves or our progeny without those freedoms we have cherished, espoused, and died for throughout the course of our country's history. It is no longer enough to sit idly by and whisper among ourselves at the park bench, or the barber shop. We must aggressively confront such error by speaking out, writing companies which underwrite such groups, and contacting our representatives. We ought do those things, even though it requires no little amount of effort on our part. It is both time consuming, and emotionally draining as one navigates the channels which insulate corporate decision makers and governmental representatives, but it is essential.

Rise up!! Leave the ballgames, the videos, and Facebook for a season in order to make your voice known, and do so repeatedly. They expect you and me to quickly lose our enthusiasm for such mundane activity, but we dare not!!

And please remember, this is always a spiritual battle. The prince of this world system does not want people free to share the hope of eternal life possible through Jesus Christ. He knows his time is rapidly drawing to a close, and he seems to be marshaling his forces in an attempt to prevent the light of the world from shining in the darkness of his domain.

© 2010 Mike Rasberry

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