Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Truth And Godliness

Is knowing and accumulating truth enough? 

In today’s world of instant communications and the ability to google almost anything to find an answer, nearly everyone is suddenly a theologian.  In James chapter 2:18ff, the writer is telling the listener that there is more to Godliness than simply accumulating truth.  In fact, he compares those who do so with the demons.

So is James teaching that knowledge of truth is not important?  Certainly no!  He is simply explaining that truth which does not work itself out through one’s heart and thereby show itself in one’s doings is empty truth.

Now this doesn’t mean that one should not seek to expand his understanding of Biblical Truth.  Quite the contrary.  Trying to live “godly” without the basis of Biblical Truth leads to the shallow understanding permeating the contemporary church.  Without the solid basis of Biblical Truth, “I feelism” and “It seems to meism” has created mass confusion leading to a lack of Spiritual Power.

Those depending upon feelings are not intentionally trying to wreck and limit the work of Christ.  They are much like those described in the book of Judges who acted according to what was “right in their own eyes.”  They did not base their actions and lifestyles on the unchanging Word of God, but on their understanding of life.

If you and I desire true “Godliness,” we must look to The Bible, God’s Holy Word, and learn of Him, while submitting ourselves to Him as His instruments, thereby “working out” our faith in all our doings. 

©               2015              Mike Rasberry

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