Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day One of Ministry in Ukraine--Saturday

After breakfast on Saturday, we boarded two buses for our assigned destinations. The first day always requires the loading of the buses which takes a little longer than the rest of the days.

Arrival at our assigned church means unloading several suitcases loaded with glasses and medical equipment. While the team is unloading and setting up, Sergei, my Interpreter, and I gathered those early arrivals and shared a brief message with them. The setup takes about thirty minutes.

A sign announcing the clinics was posted on the street adjacent to the church where we met. This particular church is pretty new and the building is new also. The courtyard is filled with colorful roses and flowers of many varieties. The well manicured gardens obviously require a great deal of time.

Lines formed quickly after registration and soon the medical team was very busy with their assigned duties.

The inside of the clinic became a veritable beehive of activity. Each person has an assigned responsibility and in many instances they have served for several years and know the routine quite well. So what looks like pandemonium is actually only organized chaos. :-)

Dr. Danny Clifton is working with a patient with the help of an assistant and an interpreter.

This lovely young lady has an 18 month old child, but she has been widowed for more than a year now. Her in-laws are active participants in the local church. Pray that God will send a Godly man across her path to help her raise her child in a Christlike environment.

I was blessed to have the opportunity to present two sets of tapes for the blind with players to the Pastor of the church. I pray that God uses them to help seeing impaired individuals hear and understand His Word.

After loading the bus, the entire team met for a group photo before leaving for the day.

The Russian Orthodox Church remains the dominant religious affiliation in Ukraine, even though the Ukrainian Orthodox Church was organized following the dissolution of the Soviet Empire. Evangelicals remain a small minority of the population.

Kenny Pogue from Collinsville, Mississippi led us in a devotional time following our meal Saturday Night.

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