Friday, July 15, 2011

We've Arrived in Ukraine

We're here in the hotel in a city in Ukraine which is translated "Crooked Horn." It is 12:43 AM Saturday Morning here, and it is 4:43 PM Friday at home.

I'm looking forward to a few hours sleep before we start out in the morning at 8:00. Our bus ride to our city from the airport was over six hours long. The bus was actually too small to accommodate all the luggage we have because of the glasses.

We encountered the typical shakedown at the customs entry and had to pay duty on the used glasses we brought in. That just goes to show that government is really never interested in the welfare of its citizens. People who cannot afford glasses will soon be able to read and see clearly, but the government must have its pound of flesh. We are thankful for the safety so far on the trip. In the thirty-six hours since I left home Thursday Morning, much has happened.

The most frustrating thing was the failure of my phone. However, I ran the battery completely down and recharged it and now it works.
The rural area we're traveling through is heavily dependent upon agriculture. The wheat fields are a variety which is smaller that what we're accustomed to, but there are miles and miles of wheat.

The second most important crop appears to be sunflowers. The sunflower fields rival the wheat for volume of acres planted and harvested.

Nearly every home seems to have a garden and the people rely on those gardens for feeding the families during the long winter months. Many homes also have a cow and some pigs. Beef is said not to be as accessible to the typical family, and pork is an important staple of their diet.

Modernization has been slow to come to the Ukraine, but now automobile travel is greatly enhanced by the new gas stations and service centers popping up along the major highways.

After finally arriving at our city, we enjoyed a meal prepared by one of the local churches. Here part of the team is digging in.

Please continue to pray for us as we seek to honor Christ by being useful instruments in His hands to be used by His glory this week.

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