Monday, July 11, 2011

Peparing to Prepare

We leave Thursday Morning from Jackson, Ms for the mission trip to The Ukraine and I'm trying to get ready. My passport has been recovered from the deep and mysterious recesses of oblivion where it has been hiding during these many months of inactivity.

Diane has purchased a new suitcase for me. We have absolutely no idea what happened to the last one purchased for me. After all, we have slept several times since its last use. It is certainly exactly what I shall need with sturdy wheels to bounce along steps and across grated passageways. Pockets galore to allow inquisitive minds ample opportunity to investigate the contents during various stages of transport, and a convenient carrying handle, I think is perfect for tying my camera case to.

But Alas!! The clothes fairy has yet to fill the empty case with that for which it was intended. I'm sure there is a better way to do all this. For fireworks, I simply keep a tote bag full of stuff to put on, and I usually keep it in my truck. But this is different. I certainly don't want to go through Homeland Security's anxious gatekeepers smelling of gunpowder. No, I must neatly arrange clothing suitable for a culture with which I'm totally unfamiliar, for about ten days. Thankfully, God's perfect plan can be carried out by imperfect packers, and He will make the best of my bungled attempts.

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