Thursday, July 14, 2011

Second Leg of the Journey to the Ukraine

Diane and I were up late Wednesday Night packing my stuff for the Ukraine Trip. We were up before 4:00 AM & I left out at 4:30 to meet with the team at Park Place Baptist Church in Pearl, Ms.

7:30 AM check in at Jackson International, then extended wait until liftoff at 9:30.

Enjoyed the trip had a great seat companion who, as a Nurse Practitioner, has been on several mission trips but this is her first to the Ukraine.

Upon arrival in Houston, I received a call from a young man who had lived with us in Korea. He now lives in New York and seems in the process of allowing God to turn his life around. He always had great potential, but we just were never able to help him fully recognize that potential. It was very encouraging to have him contact me after all these years. I pray God will bring about the opportunity for us to renew our relationship.

I met two young women from Brazil in the airport at Houston, sisters traveling to Mexico. I pray God keeps them safe as they seem unconcerned about the dangers of young women traveling unescorted in that lawless area.

I met a woman from Bosnia who now lives in Utah with her two sons. I pray God sends someone across her path to show her just how much God loves her.

My iphone is on the blink. The light barely comes on, and I can barely read the numbers or the applications. This has happened before, but it cleared up right away. Pray that I'll be able to get it straightened out.

Tomorrow is the forty-fifth anniversary of our wedding. Pray for Diane and for me as we're apart during this time. We once were on a mission trip together to Brazil on our anniversary, but this is a real challenge.

Pray for the team that we'll appropriate every opportunity to share Christ in effective ways to receptive hearts.

We're about to board.

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