Monday, July 18, 2011

Day Two of Ministry in Ukraine--Sunday

Both of the teams have National church members trained in evangelism who are doing an outstanding job of touching each person who comes onto the grounds. I am able to preach to small groups a couple times per day, and my interpreter and I share with individuals, however, the bulk of the heavy lifting as far as evangelism is accomplished by those national church members.

More than 150 have already prayed to receive Jesus as Lord. Please pray that they will be become genuine disciples of Christ. We fully understand that many who pray are simply making the first step toward God without fully being converted. Pray that they will understand their lostness and cry out for mercy to the God of Mercy.

Day Two, Sunday, found us at another location setting up for the clinics. Most churches in this area are converted houses. They usually have a small courtyard and several outbuildings, as well as outdoor toilets.

Fruit trees are in abundance in this area. Apricots, grapes, apples, peaches, and pears are readily available. This year the trees are bearing in such abundance that many bushels simply fall to the ground ruin.

Two of our interpreters: The lady assists the medical team, and the man, Sergei, is my interpreter in evangelism.

A Nurse Practitioner and her interpreter are set up to deal with people. Each day the set up is different and unique, because no two buildings are exactly alike. At times the set up is out of doors.

Two Doctors interview and examine patients with the help of an interpreter. They often sit at these tables for hours on end, seeing as many as 130 patients together in a day.

The Pastor receives New Testament tapes and players for those whose disability prevents reading Scripture

The two photos below are of part of the team gathered for Sunday Night Worship. After some choruses and testimonies, I preached from the Book of Joel.

This is an outdoor cafe on the hotel grounds where Kenny Pogue and I sat to drink a cool refreshing bottle of water and coke.

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David Etter said...

Great to read all that you guys did in Ukraine. Any more updates and pics?